what happens when you follow a sewer pipe in my neighbor hood

So the craziest thing had happen to to me yesterday i was going on an adventure with my 2 friends Hayden and Holden and there mom was with us we were walking around to where they found a paddle and a bird nest we went with them when they went back. (when i mean by we i mean me and Hayden). when we got there we followed it from one way to another but the stuff what we found well some of it was good and some of it was nasty! the first thing we found was a bag with hair in it and it was old people hair and some jack in the box was in there! but when we found the ending there was another side so i went up the hill and it was a creek! at first me and Hayden got and easy but small way past the barbed fence because the windstorm a year ago blew all that junk back down in the creek. we never knew about the creek it was like we never seen it before and we didn’t know which road we were by! okay now back to where we were me and Hayden found a good way past the barbed wire fence but it was small we went under a little ditch and we were through later on Holden and his mom joined us Holden got picked up and over the fence and Hayden and Holden’s mom climbed over which was very risky i would say but when we were all through we searched around and found a basketball hoop a wheel barrel three foot balls a baseball and a hat and a soccer ball when we got out we found a basketball that was there for a long long time and a big blow up ball that needed air, a duck bath tub thing and a handy Manny paper thing that Holden thought was rare. so then we also found a random deserted bucket to hall the stuff in! on our way back we started talking and by the bag with hair in it was a dead skunk that we didn’t see when we got back down from there. and we got close to our houses i saw through my house window that i was late for dinner and then dang i knew what was gonna happen next so i told them my adventure and the next time a windstorm hits we know where were going.


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